What Can the Devil Steal? Part 2

Is there any truth to the idea or belief that the Devil stole anything from you? If he did take or steal anything from you, when did it happen? Before you became a Child of God (i.e., before you were Born Again)? After you became a Child of God (i.e., after you were Born Again)? … Continue reading

Sound Truth Ministry Graphic Summary

A Different Type of Ministry It is time for a Spiritual change. God’s word should be free of charge via any source. Sound Truth Ministry offers a different approach. If you are tired of tradition join us, follow us, learn from us…Worshipping and serving God has to be more than a habit or obligation. It … Continue reading

Graphic Word

Jesus Christ performed the transition from the “Mosaic” Law which was used to govern the “Hebrews”, “the Children of Israel {aka Israelites}” or “the Jews” to Grace which is used govern the “Church”, “the Children of God”, or “Born again believer” For when the priesthood is changed, there is, of necessity, also a change in … Continue reading